Regional Workshop on Open Source Technologies 12th - 14th February 2014


  • URISA Caribbean Chapter IS NOW ON FACEBOOK

    It's finally here- URISA Caribbean now has an online social media presence via Facebook!!

    Please take a moment of your time to stop by and check out the brand, spanking, new FACEBOOK page representing the URISA Caribbean Chapter.

    The intention is to put this social network to good use to promote the URISA Caribbean Chapter and its members and all URISA Caribbean workshops, events, webinars, etc.,
    such as the upcoming "Regional Workshop on Open Source Technologies & Web mapping" to be held in Saint Maarten from November 6-8 2013

    If you have a facebook account, then log on and go to:-

    If you don't have a facebook account, then following the steps as shown in the following URL:

    Don't forget to "Like" this Page of course, as this is important for promoting awareness and improving visibility online while also complementing our official website

  • Coming Soon- URISA Caribbean group page on and Twitter